The Jack of All Trades

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The Jack of All Trades

You do everything with equal mediocrity. It’s remarkable how average you are at so many things.

You are the true embodiment of versatility and you’re especially vocal about your versatility, making the fool who focused on single sport specialization insecure about their decision to pursue greatness in a solitary endeavour.

While they were practicing speed skating for the Olympics, you were doing all sorts of things. All sorts of things that they probably couldn’t do because they were speed skating.

You are the swiss army knife of sport.
Of activity. Of serious recreation.

You are The Jack of All Trades.

Lens width: 148 mm
Lens height: 65 mm
Arm: 128 mm
UVA/UVB 400 protection

Accessories include Vision Microfiber Bag Sleeve & Microfiber Cleaning Cloth to easily clean and store your Vision sunglasses.