The Game Seven

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The Game 7

If you’re doing anything you’re doing it like it’s Game Seven.

Cornhole game in a week? Meal Prep.

Beach paddles this afternoon? Plyometrics.

Jog in an hour? Dre Beats noise cancelling.

There is nothing that isn’t worth preparing for. There is nothing that isn’t approached with utter tenacity.

They ask you, perplexed: ‘how could you possibly try so hard for something so worthless?’ And, showcasing a casual smile, you answer their question with another question: ‘how could you not?’

You are the GAME SEVEN.

Lens width: 148 mm
Lens height: 65 mm
Arm: 128 mm

UVA/UVB 400 protection

Accessories include Vision Microfiber Bag Sleeve & Microfiber Cleaning Cloth to easily clean and store your Vision sunglasses.