"Vision" is an independent brand founded by passionate student-athletes for those who take recreation seriously. We are in pursuit to provide our customers with affordable high-quality performance sunglasses that won't let you down.


COMFORT & VERSATILITY - The 4-point ergonomics and soft adjustable nose pad were hand-crafted for optimal comfort, sitting close to the face, and reducing pressure on the temples. You name it - we've got you covered with style.

IMPACT RESISTANT & SAFETY - According to EyeKit, polycarbonate lenses can survive the impact of a steel ball traveling at 160 km/h without shattering. When we’re dropped, we get back up.

EXTREME LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABILITY - Weighing in at 27 grams, these shades are thinner and 30% lighter than plastic/glass lenses and won’t weigh you down in the heat of competition. We would never sell a product that isn’t as gritty as we are. In the third period, the fourth quarter, or the fifth set, you need a pair of glasses that won’t take themselves out of the game.

VZN LENS TECHNOLOGY & UV PROTECTION - The sun is a crazy dude. He thinks he’s all that. He masquerades behind this idea that he’s essential to the viability of life on Earth. But as soon as you turn a blind eye, he jabs you square in the eyes with UV rays. Luckily, the VZN Lens Technology eyewear blocks 100% of the sun’s harmful UV rays provides superior optical quality for those who take recreation seriously.


Absolutely thrilled with these! I especially love how comfortable they are. Guaranteed to turn heads when you’re rocking these.


Love these! WAY better than I expected. They came in perfect condition (no scratches, hinges work, nose piece is intact, etc). The reflective lens is way better in person too. They feel durable and fit my face surprising well. There was clearly thought put into the design and I comfortably wear them with the nose piece.I have gotten really into biking lately and I usually wear my raybans but they do a terrible job of blocking the wind and bugs. In addition, theyre really expensive and I am always worried about breaking / losing them. These sun glasses are a perfect replacement for biking (especially for the price).Super comfortable and in my opinion they look pretty slick for any outdoor sport or even partying. Would recommend!


Received my glasses next day after ordering and I am so excited to use them. The fit is very comfortable and the quality of the product is excellent! Well worth the money! Great value! Superb quality! Highly recommend to anyone looking for sport sunglasses or even just casual wear.


These sunglasses blew me away, quick 2 day shipping, excellent durability and the colours are amazing, definitely going to recommend to all my friends, if you want a pair of affordable shades these are the ones !!


Comfortable fit, great coverage and good sun protection.